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Working from home

by Friday, December 4, 2015

Advantage or disadvantage is working from home?

A little more than half a year I’ve worked from home and I can tell you that it is definitely the most comfortable job ever. Previously, I’d always worked in a dynamic environment with many people and movement and sometimes I miss that. But the benefits that this job gives me are more.

One of the best thing to work from home is that you can do it when you want and whenever you want.  I mean that you can enjoy your favourite tea or coffee in the morning, to have breakfast quietly, to do yoga (or whatever you like to do) and after that to start working. Meanwhile, you can go shopping, hang out with a friend and again to work.There are no rules to work from home, you are your own boss.

The second advantage is that I can work from anywhere. This summer, for example, I was on a vacation for two weeks at Black Sea, Bulgaria, but I continued to work , because with a laptop and internet I can work from anywhere. From the sea, the villa, the kitchen even the bathroom, ha ha.

Whatever we discuss, the food is with high importance. And when you work from home you do not have to bring your food, to wonder what to buy and whether it is healthy or not. You can eat exactly what you want.

No public transport, traffics .. do not need to lose your time and costs in a movement. The beauty of working from home is that you can avoid rush hour and commuting to and from work.

The clothing – you can you stand all day in pyjamas and without makeup. There is no dress code and this is one of the best things about working from home. You can be shaggy, to make a face mask, to wear your favorite daynightclothes (as I call them) and nobody cares about it. Especially you!

You save money – money for food, money for gas ot transport, money for a formal clothes (if  you needed).

Even though this to work from home has its advantages, you can become very antisocial and isolated from the world.However, you shouldn’t forget to go out and enjoy the world, to take care of yourself and to not allow sedentary lifestyles.

And would you work from home?

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