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Time to Change: Holiday Rhythm

by Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The holidays are so close and the Christmas mood and rhythm are  all around us!

Finally, I am back and I have so much to tell you. This year has passed so quickly and so many things happened to me. Some were good and some not at all, but I promised myself that I would be different, I would pursue my dreams and I will be doing things that I want.

One of those things is to begin making videos. I shared this idea in my previous post, I have been thinking about it for a long time and it’s time I realised it. I’m not a typical beauty blogger and perhaps I won’t have many videos on stuff like makeup, although I have a lot of makeups. But I don’t know if I could find it entertaining. I want to have more fashion tips, more trip ideas, cooking and everything that excites me and you.

I have, to be honest with you, I have been in the dark recently, I’d rather not to make photos or write blogs. I was finding the blog something obligatory when it wasn’t. The blog is the complete opposite, it’s the place where I write for and whenever I want. And because of that, I will continue doing it, for me, for you.

The true is that my head is a mess. I finished my bachelor’s degree, but I didn’t try for master’s degree. I want to study, but not here, in Bulgaria. And I can’t go where I want to right now. I am wondering if I know what I want to do, where I want to do it… The problem is that, for me, I can’t decide what I want, how to continue or how to start. But before that, I have to finish some things that I need to. Which reminds me that on 19.12 we enter in the last retrograde mercury cycle of this year. This is the perfect time for finishing incomplete tasks, for fixing the mistakes we’ve made, for keeping promises and finishing different tasks.  And yeah, astrology is something that I’ve been keen on recently.

Let’s go back to the main part. December is the month of holidays, of partying, of  the constant wonder what to put on. And as I like to say ”when I don’t know what to put on, I would wear a dress”. I love casual models that could be combined both with low and high shoes.

Today’s outfit is one of my favourites and it’s really convenient, while not as showy, but suitable for the upcoming parties. This pleated dress is my favourite lately, ranging from gentle colour, discreet embroidery at the top and cut itself, I admit that I wear it often. With low or high heels, she looks great, exactly the type of clothes that I like  :). Coat … ah, this coat, Mom, I’m sorry that once again I take your clothes, but I can not help it. It is no secret that you’ve created my style and that’s why I often take clothes from your wardrobe. The right coat is absolutely essential in our closet in winter. I adore it because it’s extra warm and because..shepherd ‘s plaids is always in fashion. And here , my favourite boots are about to come. I love boots over the knee, but I would not replace these. So comfortable and yet sexy and modern, what more could a woman want from her boots? Our bag ,in this case, is small , black and very convenient. We don’t have to bring everything we’ve got on a party, do we?

I am really into being with straight hair, I curl my hair not more than five times a year, but I have been interested in voluminous waves recently and I have been trying to achieve that kind of look.  In combination with bold makeups (not in my case), you are ready for the holidays


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