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The Lady and the Dog

by Friday, March 25, 2016

Today, I’ve prepared an outfit post. It feels like centuries since my last fashion post. Lately, I didn’t have time for writing, but I got my exam, so now I am going to write more. I have so much news to share with you, I just need time. But I’ve read something yesterday – We have enough time for everything, we just waste it.

I almost forgot how much I absolutely love wearing hats… It’s always my solution for bad hair days or like in this case, colder, windy like the latest. Today’s look is with spring breath plus one mini follower – the newest member of the family.

At interview for MODA Magazine recently asked me what from winter I am going to take in the spring and I said- pleated skirt. I really like this skirt, I can combine as in elegant style with high heels, as in daily romantic outfit. Lately, I saw that I am looking for basic clothes, although I still like flowers and colors and I can’t wait for the summer. The burgundy, for example, is always fashionable. I combined the skirt with an embroidered blouse in a basic color – namely, ecru, which again we can wear it with a lot of colors. It’s still cold outside and we need an overcoat, so I decided to put а jacket. I bought this in Italy and I loved it when I saw it on the showcase in some store. The pattern is unique and I can wear it with trousers or skirt, it’s a lovely focus in the look. In addition, I added a hat ..I had а similar one, but I forgot it at some hookah bar, and now I am happy to have a new one. And..these classical boots is from Zara – leather and brown, perfect for my wardrobe.

And..to come to my little puppy – my Pomeranian dog. It’s a little weird to walk with dog and high heels, pretty funny, but..we did it well. We failed with posing for photos, but I am still teaching him, haha.

For the make up and hair- you know, I always choose light makeup and my long hair..but not anymore. Stay tuned :))
















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Photos/Снимки: Martin Peykov


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