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Bounty Balls with 5 ingredients

by Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Do you love coconut, what about Bounty? Have you ever imagined that you can eat it without feeling guilty? Today I show you a recipe with only 5 ingredients. It is really easy to make and so delicious.

I am a coconut maniac if there is an expression like that. Everyone that is close to me, knows that I am addicted to everything with coconut. Desserts, cosmetics, dishes, body lotions, all.
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When I was a child, I used to love Bounty dessert – coconut with chocolate, it was melting my heart and soul with so much pleasure. Now, it is different, I am trying to avoid refined sugar and my diet is much healthier. However, the thought of it and all the emotions that this dessert brought to my mind, made me try to do a healthier alternative.

I had a fresh coconut, which I struggled to open, but with little help, it was done. From the meat of the coconut, I made in a blender shredded coconut, which is exactly like desiccated one, but not that dry. With it I made this bounty bites with only 5 ingredients. Pure explosion of tastes, I love it.

Ingredients (for 20 balls):

150 g desiccated coconut

40 g coconut flour

50 ml coconut oil

75 g honey/agave syrop

100-120 g dark chocolate – I used Hotel Chocolat


In a bowl mix together all the ingredients without the chocolate. It should become a sticky mixture. With a spoon shape the balls, place over a tray and leave in a fridge to chill for 30 minutes. Melt the chocolate and dip one by one the balls in it. You can sprinkle with coconut flakes or some chopped nuts. When you are ready, return in the fridge and leave until there are set. Consume with moderation or not, just enjoy them.


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