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North Sea with..Love – Part 1

by Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ernest Hemingway said: “Everything, far from the sea, is province!” And I say that all roads lead to it, especially mine.

You know that I adore sea, so the best moment when I was in the UK, was in Whitley Bay. We were just best timing – the warmest day of my stay.

For the first time, I was on the beach so early of the year. But it was so magnificent – the sea, the sky, the clouds, so simple and beautiful. Whitley Bay is a seaside town on the northeast coast. Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised from all green places there. If it was Bulgaria, it would be built-up areа.

The interesting thing is that to the two seaside cities, which we saw, we got with a subway. Just 30 minutes from the sea, it sounds more than wonderful. And if the weather is warmer, it will be a paradise.

The beach is large, undeveloped (I say again), and the water this day was hot. Between the green zones and the beach, it has an alley,it is great for walking. I noticed that all the people have dogs. There was not anyone who does not with a dog..if it is not the dog, it will be a child. We walked the entire beach, about 4 km and came to this lighthouse, which you will see below. It is an island in the water, which has hotel / house, I do not know exactly what it was. When we were there, the sea was raised and the road that leads to the house was under water. Can you imagine living or working in such a place and suddenly you have stayed with your car in the sea? It seemed so creepy to me, I would not like. But on the other hand, it looked incredibly beautiful. Along the entire alley to the lighthouse, it had benches where you can sit. We spent there about 4 hours and did not even feel how it passed. Once again I convinced that beach / sea with your loved one and.. glass of wine, throwing myself in timelessness and forget about everything.

It’s a nice escape from this dreary winter weather and I feel immediately re-energized thinking about the warm air, beautiful pinstripes, flowing maxi dresses, and lace detailing.

I forgot my swimwear, but in a happy mood with a comfy outfit, glass of wine and dark chocolate, I enjoyed this little side trip with my love.

Enjoy the photos :)))

North sea with love
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