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How close are you to your mom?

by Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Today, I am making you wonder – Is your mother your best friend?

I write this “Personal”post on the eve of my birthday. A post which was inspired by the situation in Europe and the whole world. Life is too short to waste our time. Be with your loved ones as long as possible. Give love, because we are made for that .

In this post I will describe the relationship with my mother and maybe you will recognize yours. I have no shame in telling you that my mom is my best friend in the whole world. Nobody knows me better than her and no one can understand me as she does.

And now when I have gotten older it’s easy to see how much we have in common. I am starting to realize how from “I do not want to be like you” I got her behavior, her goods and bads. I remember when I was a child I often said “I will not forbid nothing to my children or something like that” and now, when I get in the position where it’ s, like, I am with my brother, for example, I freak out longer than her!

And here is seven signs that your mom is your BFF:

  1. She is my favorite shopping buddy –  she always tells me what it looks good on me and what does not. And if she’s not with me, I am sending her picture of everything I buy ili I send her always a picture of what I get. We always ask each other to advice when we do shopping.
  2. Whether she is working, she is tired , is cooking or whatever it is – if I have some drama, she is always with me. She is the first person which I called to tell  if something good happens to me or something not so good. And she is always here for me.. no matter the circumstances.
  3. We often understand each other with sights or a word. We have our secrets and we don;t share them with anyone.
  4. She always tells me when I’m wrong and support me when I am right. She supports me in  every decision that I make.
  5. No one is worried more about me as she – sometimes makes me crazy. But I know it’s because she wants the best for me.
  6. We hang out together visiting a bar / disco and it is not something strange for us – we feel each other like sisters and maybe .. it looks like we are.
  7. She taught me to be kind, patient and good with people, regardless of what they are to me.

She is the strongest person I know – she is my inspiration. She is more than a friend, more than a mother! <3

my mom is my best fr
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