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Dinner at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant

by Saturday, June 4, 2016

What we had for dinner at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant.

May was a very special month for me, it was filled with travel, beautiful moments and great projects. One of the most memorable moments was the dinner at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant.

I have wanted to go there since New Years Eve when I was in England. Then I saw that Jamie had a restaurant at Newcastle. But we did not have a lot of time, so we left it for my next coming. Being in the restaurant of world-renowned chef, who I watched on television and whose petition I had signed, it was more than culinary enjoyment and experience.

Jamie’s restaurant in Newcastle is great – it has two floors and there are outdoor tables. I really liked the interior, everything to the last detail. We were accommodated on the second floor where the style was a little bit different than the first floor, but also very nice. The service was great, everything was on a label – the plates were heated, and the towels were signed with Jamie’s Oliver.

jamie's italian menu

Didi and jamie's oliver menu


..However, we can move to more delicious part. People say that it is extremely important how the dishes look when we cook or we have an outside dinner, because before we can taste the food, we taste it with our eyes. Well, this dinner was food for our eyes. Everything was really perfect :).

The dinner we had was three course meal – starter, main and dessert. For starter, I ordered bruschetta with tomatoes and ricotta, and my friend – cured meat plank (Fennel salami, pistachio mortadella, prosciutto & schiacciata piccante with mini buffalo mozzarella, pecorino & chilli jam, a selection of pickles, olives & rainbow slaw). It was interesting that the cutting board, on which was ordered his starter, was placed on two preserves Tomato, which are created for the Jamie’s restaurant.

Ето тук може да видите какво представляваха предястията :)/ The starters 🙂



The main meals were beef steak with potatoes and tomato sauce on it and linguines with prawns and spices. The portions were large, I even could not eat mine, although it was very tasty.

Малко сме си разменили чиниите тук :DМалко сме си разменили чиниите тук 😀


And it comes the most delicious, gorgeous, melting part of the evening, namely dessert. What can I say..I still remember the taste of this cheesecake, it was amazing. I ate it slowly, savouring each bite – a joy to the soul, palate, body, everything <3. The other dessert we chose was a Brownie, melting in the mouth with ice-cream. Again great goal, but the cheesecake still remains my favourite.

15 mmmm-cheesecake-jamies-oliver

Наслаждение <3 :))



I was impressed that the restaurant was open until 22:30-23 and on Sunday to 21. Just staying till the end allowed us to enjoy the overall atmosphere of the restaurant and to take some photos.

Барът на първия етаж

Барът на първия етаж


И..барманът :D

И..барманът 😀


Част от продуктите, които се използват :)

Част от продуктите, които се използват 🙂

Първият етаж

Първият етаж


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