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Spring Mood

by петък, февруари 20, 2015

Oh, come on spring, I can't wait for you anymore! I'm tired of this cold wheather, wind and even the snow.. it's time everything to be all green, beautiful and blooming. I adore spring, when everything is growing again and the sun shines up constantly. Today I've prepared a fresh post inspired by spring. With that outfit I am feeling ...

Little Baby Girl

by четвъртък, февруари 12, 2015

I had prepared a spring post, but the snow surprised us all, so I decided to put the warm mood off for some of the next few days. Although, I was able to fully appreciate  snow. I admit that I secretly dream about the summer, sun and sea and I don't want to go out in the cold, but ...

Last days..

by вторник, септември 30, 2014

It is the last day of September, but in my head summer thoughts keep spinning and spinning. Even though summer is my favorite season, I like these days too. The days in which the afternoons are warm and the evenings are cold, the days that give you the special feeling that something is going away, to ...