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The Russian Fairytale

by вторник, януари 20, 2015

A few days ago I showed you here the five winter essentials in my closet for the season. Today I have prepared an outfit post with with these special items. As one blogger recently said- the best part of pull over clothes in winter is that you can feel like a Russian princess. And with these warm clothes I feel ...

5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

by неделя, януари 18, 2015

What is an essential in your wardrobe this winter? Kali of Kali's Inspiration Board and I have prepared to a shared post, which will show you our five most important "ingredients" of our style in the cold season. The winter wardrobe essentials are bound to keep you warm and stylish throughout the season. When it comes to winter dressing, ...

Holiday Lights: Merry Christmas

by четвъртък, декември 25, 2014

Весела Коледа, мили читатели! За мен Бъдни вечер и Коледа са най-топлите и семейни празници, затова ви пожелавам да бъдат незабравими! Бъдете здрави, щастливи, обичайте и бъдете по-добри  :) Днес съм ви подготвила един празничен пост. С много Коледно настроение, светлини и красиви цветове. Липсва ни само снегът, който е от голямо значение за мен, за да бъде ...

Hello October

by понеделник, октомври 6, 2014

I'm completely in autumn mood. And as every autumn we can't go by without the cold weather and rain, which means we can't go by without the transformation of our looks, because it is a new beginning. I love shopping new clothes and shoes, who doesn't? But not always, what is fashionable is suitable for us. ...