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Layering: Midi Skirt & Fur

by сряда, март 11, 2015

After the last warm days..the snow was really unexpected. And it is true that it is beautiful, but.. I cannot wait for spring to come and for some colorful mood with it. I got to spend my weekend resting and spending time аt one wonderful place, for which I will tell you soon, but along with this gloomy weather ...

Like a Real Blogger

by неделя, февруари 1, 2015

When is the moment when you feel like a real blogger? ..I am blogging since almost half an year and every time I write with so much enthusiasm and desire. And I still start to jump when I see how many readers I have and I'm so happy when I know that my posts are interesting for you. ...

Blue Check

by петък, декември 19, 2014

Happy Friday! Check, blue, yellow, autumn leaves, fur, leather, tea ... what have I prepared for you today? The answer is a little color for the dark days. This season's top trend is stratification of shades and fabrics. A plaid in combination with skinny jeans is a great choice for a walk during the day or evening. There are several ways of wearing chequered clothing – ...

Simple: Leather and skinny

by сряда, декември 10, 2014

Happy Tuesday, everyone! :)) Is it autumn..or winter..is it windy or snowy? I can't wait for Christmas and I can't wait to rest for а few days, to dive into the whole holiday atmosphere and to forget about work, university, everything that have taken my time lately. Recently I don't have a lot of time and I have choose mostly ...

Retro Flavor of Tea

by понеделник, ноември 10, 2014

  Autumn, beautiful colors, retro style, flavor of tea..how lovely it is. I have started to like this season more and more. Especially when it is so sunny and warm lately. Today I have prepared a little bit more different post. The subject is autumn, the style is retro and the place is one incredible, cozy and warm Tea ...

A Cat(walk) To Remember

by петък, октомври 10, 2014

Mmm..autumn, you are already here. Slowly but surely we' re all headed over to the colder months, so my looks are transitioning as well. I am totally in autumn mood and I feel all the excitement that warm clothes bring to me. Along with these changes the colors in my wardrobe are changing too. But ...

Hello October

by понеделник, октомври 6, 2014

I'm completely in autumn mood. And as every autumn we can't go by without the cold weather and rain, which means we can't go by without the transformation of our looks, because it is a new beginning. I love shopping new clothes and shoes, who doesn't? But not always, what is fashionable is suitable for us. ...