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How to Wear Stilettos Shoes

by сряда, октомври 28, 2015

The stilettos shoes are the shoes, which never goes out of style! They are not my everyday's shoes, but they are the best shoes for special events and not only. Today I've prepared for you two different outfits with stiletto shoes. Yes, the black dress and stilleto are the classics, but what about boyfriend jeans and top? Last week me ...

Blue Check

by петък, декември 19, 2014

Happy Friday! Check, blue, yellow, autumn leaves, fur, leather, tea ... what have I prepared for you today? The answer is a little color for the dark days. This season's top trend is stratification of shades and fabrics. A plaid in combination with skinny jeans is a great choice for a walk during the day or evening. There are several ways of wearing chequered clothing – ...

The Berry and Bludger Autumn Tag

by сряда, декември 17, 2014

С огромно закъснение и докато снега се е стопил бързам да направя есенния таг на Berry и Bludger, за който сладката Лина ме тагна. Макар да остава точно една седмица до Коледа и да е ужасно застудяло навън..пускам този пост и се надявам да ви е интересен. 1. Предпочитано място през есента? Ако есента е топло обичам дългите ...

Simple: Leather and skinny

by сряда, декември 10, 2014

Happy Tuesday, everyone! :)) Is it autumn..or winter..is it windy or snowy? I can't wait for Christmas and I can't wait to rest for а few days, to dive into the whole holiday atmosphere and to forget about work, university, everything that have taken my time lately. Recently I don't have a lot of time and I have choose mostly ...

The Yellow Flower

by четвъртък, ноември 27, 2014

Autumn, yellow…. although dark outside it is so sunny in me. Only one flower can make me happy… and today I have prepared a dozen for you. In cold days like the last ones I would love more than anything to cuddle with my lovely man, a cup of tea or a fascinating book story. Unfortunately, it is almost ...

Happy Birthday to Me <3

by вторник, ноември 18, 2014

Честит рожден ден на мен! Искам да остана винаги млада в душата си и слънчева в сърцето си! Да се науча да оценявам малките неща и да бъда заобиколена само от истински стойностни хора! Показвам ви моят щастлив ден, който макар и мрачен отвън, е топъл и красив отвътре! Избрах да облека любимата си черна пола ...

Retro Flavor of Tea

by понеделник, ноември 10, 2014

  Autumn, beautiful colors, retro style, flavor of tea..how lovely it is. I have started to like this season more and more. Especially when it is so sunny and warm lately. Today I have prepared a little bit more different post. The subject is autumn, the style is retro and the place is one incredible, cozy and warm Tea ...

Victoria’s Secret Goodies

by четвъртък, октомври 23, 2014

With the arrival of autumn the care for our skin goes through some changes just like our closet. We need different products, because the skin also adapts to the weather. But in my opinion we shouldn't change the use of body lotion. It often happens to me that I talk with friends, and they say that ...

Jumpsuit Elegance

by понеделник, октомври 20, 2014

Autumn, autumn.. I managed to catch your sun! These last days the weather has been very kind to people like me- warm day's lovers. I was overwhelmed with the university last week, and I didn't have any time to do my posts. But for this week I have prepared a few. In today’s post I was inspired by ...