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Fall Fashion Trend: Socks

by сряда, октомври 21, 2015

What is the best fall fashion trend? The fall is officially upon us! One of the best things about fall fashion is getting cozy. For me this can mean oversized blazers, fringed ponchos, big scarves and it can summed with one word: socks. It wasn't too long ago that the words “socks and sandals” brought grandpa and dopey ...

Тенденции есен/зима 2015 с Fashion Days

by сряда, септември 30, 2015

След тъгата по топлото време ни остава вдъхновението от новите модни тенденции. Нов сезон- нови дрехи и тенденции, или пък не чак толкова нови. Как да носим старите си дрехи и да бъдем модерни и през предстоящия сезон? - не е ли това въпросът, който всяка една от нас си задава. Днес ще разберете какво ...

Man Shirt Like Skirt

by понеделник, август 10, 2015

How to wear the man shirt like skirt? Today I've prepared outfit post with some kind of DIY. I like the idea to take some clothes from boyfriend's (father's) closet. So I've chosen this white shirt with blue stripes and I transformed it to skirt. The look that I've chosen consists of three classic colours - white, ...

Mint Peach Story

by четвъртък, август 6, 2015

One mint with peaches, please :))) Today I've prepared one mint story with peach flavour or in short a fresh summer look. I adore the mint colour- it perfect matches with my summer mood. This is the perfect colour which you can add to give a freshness for your outfit or to make a statement with accessories. The off-beat combinations are my ...

#Instagram: June and July

by понеделник, август 3, 2015

My #Instagram Photos for June and July :)) This time I've combined the photos from these two months - June and July! I hope you really like it :))) If you want to see pictures of all that I share, follow me on Instagram @dilyanatabakova, or check out my Instagram profile on the web at instagram.com/dilyanatabakova . ∞ Този ...


by четвъртък, юни 4, 2015

If you want to see pictures of all that I like, follow me on Instagram @dilyanatabakova, or check out my Instagram profile on the web at instagram.com/dilyanatabakova . Ако искате да видите това, което ми харесва, може да ме последвате в Instagram @dilyanatabakova. :))) It's all About the Blue Beyond the Fashion Collaboration: Floral Print The Perfect White Dress

New Year’s Resolutions

by понеделник, януари 5, 2015

I was wondering a lot what to be my first 2015 year's post should be about and I decided that there is not a subject more appropriate than the resolutions that I have taken about the new year. I am not like those people who think that to start something new it must be the first day of the ...