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Realash Eyelash Enhancer

by понеделник, октомври 12, 2015

Realash Eyelash Enhancer

Like every woman You want longer and ticker eyelashes – now it is possible with Realash Eyelash Enhancer!

Last week Realash contacted me to test and review their product: a lash enhancer that will add volume and length to your lashes and enhance their overall appearance.

They provided me with their newest eyelash serum: Realash Eyelash Enhancer. With the new formula it promises 83% longer and 79% fuller lashes and will also help protect them from brittleness after 3 months. Realash advanced formula accelerates natural lash growth and strengthens them at the roots. As a result, your lashes become long, healthier-looking and nourished. This formula also prevents them from falling out. To obtain the best result for longer lashes, REALASH recommend that users should apply the enhancer everyday once. Best to apply it before you sleep on your dry make up free face. Do note that you should only apply it on your upper eye lid at the root of your eyelashes.

I always find my lashes to be normal — just plain — lashes. But now I am so curious about it! I will give you a first update after one month and a final review after 3 months. So stay tuned :).

Eyelashes Before Realash

*This is my eyelashes before I will start using Realash 🙂

Have you tried any eyelash serums or Realash before?


3 Responses
  • Keiti Dontcare
    октомври 16, 2015

    Първоначално си помислих че Realash предлагат изкуствени мигли,но сега с този серум напълно ме заинтригува! Нямам търпение да разбера дали е имало резултат! 😀

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